All UK Scout Groups operate independently as registered charities, and 1st Hart Plain Scouts is no exception. We rely on fundraising to allow us to continue to invest in the hut, the equipment have access to and the resources we can dedicate to running programmes for our members.

We run a number of initiatives throughout the year to generate additional funds for Hart Plain and we will update this page when additional opportunities for fundraising and donation are available.

Amazon Smile – Support Hart Plain while you shop!

Amazon have a fantastic charitable support initiative that allows people to shop as they would on Amazon, and generate a small donation for 1st Hart Plain as they do so. There is no additional charge to participants, but even small purchases add up.

We’ve only been running since November 2019 and we’ve raised nearly £30 out of only a few participants – The more we have the greater the contribution!

Please click here to download a PDF document explaining the few simple steps you need to take to join Amazon Smile to support us!